Using Agency Friends

Each agency sets up their friends in the Agency Friends section of the Administration Module.


Once all departments have configured the Agency Friends feature, you will then have read-only access to some of each other's data.

Agency Friends in the Incidents Module

Note: read-only access to Apparatus and Incidents is required for this to work.

  1. Each agency selects the type of aid given or received from Basic Info 1.
  2. The agency giving aid selects the appropriate FDID from the pick list in Basic Info 5.
    • Care must be given to select the correct incident from this list if more than one are listed.
    • This feature does not work if the FDID is manually typed into the field; it must be selected from the pick list.
  3. The agency receiving aid will then see the giving agency’s apparatus in Basic Info 4.

Hydrants and Personnel do not appear in each other’s modules. However, reports can be run to view each other’s data.

Note: Read-Only Access to Hydrants and Personnel is necessary.

Report 1158
Inter-Agency All Personnel Per Agency
View a list of personnel from all of your friends' personnel lists.

Report 1249
Inter-Agency Hydrants for Agency

Report 1239
Inter-Agency Detailed Fire Losses per Incident for Data Range
Note: read-only access to the Occupancy Module is necessary.

Inspection Forms
Share Inspection forms to use as templates when creating new forms
Note: read-only access to the Occupancy Module is necessary.


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