Shift List (Dropdown)

The settings are found in the Dropdown within the Administration Module.

  1. Navigate to the Administration tab.

  2. Click on Shift List in the Dropdown box.

Enter Shift names for personnel accounts. Shifts entered into the Dropdown information are different than Shifts entered into the Shift module, but ideally should reference each other.
For example, there should only be an ‘A’ shift under the drop-down list if there is also an ‘A’ shift created in the Shifts Module.

To add a Shift:

  1. Navigate to the Add Shift Button
  2. Enter a Shift name and assign shift color by selecting the color palette icon
  3. Click Save

The Shift List dropdown information is available in the following modules:

  • Personnel List – select a shift when entering personnel information. Shift information entered for Personnel will interface with the Shifts module, when defining the actual Shift setup.
  • Shift module – Select from the Shift dropdown menu when initially querying personnel to be associated with shift. Note: Shifts will only display in this dropdown menu if shifts have been assigned to personnel in their personnel accounts.
  • Basic Info 1 of an Incident Report – indicate which shift responded to an Incident.
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