Master Street Address List

Emergency Reporting now has a place to enter in street addresses. The purpose of this new, powerful feature is to standardize addresses make it easier for users to pick them out. Creating a Master Street Address list is only available for Incidents at this time.

  1. Navigate to the Administration Module.
  2. Under Dropdowns, navigate to Master Street List.
  3. This is the page that will display all of your street addresses. To add in a street name, navigate to "Add Street Name."
  4. From this screen you can enter in the Prefix, Street or Highway Name, Street Type, Suffix, City, State, and ZIP Code. Street or Highway Name, City, State, and ZIP are required.
  5. If you are finished, navigate to "Save and Close." If you want to add another street name, navigate to "Save and Add Another."
  6. Once you have completed inputting your street entries, click “Change Address Assist Settings”. There are two options for how the Master Street List is used in the Incident Module: “Address Assist” or “Exact Match Only”.
    • Address Assist” allows your agency to load street names into the system and to attempt to use these names when completing the incident address. Users can still type in their own street names if needed.
    • Exact Match Only” allows your agency to load street names into the system and forces the user to select from the master list when completing an incident address. This limitation is also enforced for accounts that have CAD links. Any invalid street name that is input on Basic 3 will remain red until the user selects from an approved street name -or- an Administrator adds to the master list.

NOTE: Mutual or automatic aid given incidents are exempt from “Exact Match Only”, as agencies won’t generally have the street names for neighboring towns.

Once the Master Street Address is configured, the address page in the incident module will then attempt to use the master street entries when the user is inputting an incident address. Any CAD generated call will also need to pass the same validation, although mutual, automatic, or other aid given will have the address requirements relaxed. All the user will need to do is to start typing an address, and the system will provide a autocomplete list for the user to select from.

Below is an example:

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