Bulk Uploading Addresses for Master Street Address List

This article will describe how to upload multiple address to the Master Street Address List under the Administration module. Click here to learn more about configuring the Master Street Address List.


1. If needed, login with an account that has Administration module access.

2. In the “Dropdowns” section, click on Master Street List.

3. Click the “Bulk Upload” button in the header.

4. The first page contains a list of the requirements for uploaded master streets. Any supplied data that does not meet these requirements will be ignored on upload during step 3. If needed, you can download a template for completing your own master street list offline. To download the template, click Download Master Street Address Template from the bottom right corner of step one. When you are ready to upload your master street file, click the Browse button and select your file, then click Next to continue. Note that the file has to be in .CSV format.


5. Mapping contains a mapping tool to map the columns of the source file to the needed destination columns that Emergency Reporting needs in order to insert the data correctly. Click the dropdowns on the right side of the dialog map them appropriately, and click Import Data to proceed. 

6. Results lists the results of the upload. Any invalid or duplicate data will be listed here, and you can download the rejected data from this page. Rejected data can be updated and uploaded back at step one once your changes have been made.


7. Click Done to close the dialog and return to the Master Street List


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