FAQ about 1710 EMS – ALS


Travel Time is measured by on-scene arrival, not arrival at the patient. NFPA 1710 states that units providing BLS or ALS transport shall be staffed and trained at the level prescribed by the state or provincial agency responsible for providing emergency medical services licensing. However, for ALS-level response, staffing objective are two members trained at EMT-Paramedic level and two members trained at EMT-Basic level. For this reason, the compliance defaults have been set to meet the same objective for ALS agencies in general. According to NFPA 1710, the minimum number of necessary personnel must meet:

  • A turnout time objective of 60 seconds or less
  • A travel time of 480 seconds or less,
  • To 90% of all ALS calls

Minimum EMT-P Staffing Help

Select the minimum number of EMT-P personnel (staff trained at paramedic level) who are required on scene in order to meet compliance for your agency. The analytics module will verify that each incident meets this minimum staffing requirement.

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