Customizing Your View

The Calendar Module is the central location for viewing what is scheduled on a specific day. You can customize it to suit your department's needs.

Step 1: Navigate to the Calendar Module.

The Calendar consists of three panes: the Legend, the Day Details and the Monthly Calendar.

Step 2: Expand the Legend

The Legend shows the different modules which are linked to the Calendar. In order to see items on the Monthly Calendar view you must click on the colored box next to the Legend Item you want to see. Once selected, the box will change from a small, faded box to a larger, full-color box.

At this point there is an inverted triangle instead of a box next to Shifts in the Legend. Click on the triangle to expand the menu.

Step 3: Choose the events you wish to show on the Monthly Calendar.

With the Shifts list expanded...

  1. Click on the box next to Shifts.

  2. Click on the individual shifts you want to show on the Monthly Calendar.

  3. Click on the triangle at the bottom of the Legend to collapse the list of shifts.

After selecting the items in the Legend you want to see on the Calendar they will now be visible on the Monthly Calendar and color-coded according to the Legend. The color indicator for Shifts appears in the top left corner of the date box on the Monthly Calendar.

Clicking on a day on the Monthly Calendar will display the details for that day in the Day Details pane.

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