Getting Started with Daily Roster

The Daily Roster acts as the central command point for each day by allowing daily personnel assignments to specific apparatus. From a staffing perspective, it represents the existing state of the department for any given day.

Step 1

Define any codes used by the department and configure how those codes will be applied to open rosters.

For more detailed info on on the different types of code settings available, see our Knowledge Base article on Roster Code Settings.


Step 2

New, open rosters must be created for each day they are being used. Before opening a new roster, be sure to close the roster from the previous day.

Step 3

Create a current roster for the day under Open Roster by clicking Add New Roster and filling in the details.  A Knowledge Base Article for Creating a Daily Roster can be read here.

Step 4

 To close a roster, click Open Rosters then click the daily roster to be closed. Click Close Roster and enter your password to authorize.  It is recommended to Close all previously used Rosters.

Assignments in Daily Roster must be updated daily—they will not carry over from the previous day. Enter apparatus into the system through the Administration Module's Apparatus List prior to creating rosters.

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