Creating a Daily Roster

In the Daily Roster Module, new rosters must be created for each new day. Rosters may be created for the current day or for any day in the future. Assignments do not carry over from the previous day.

Step 1

Navigate to the Daily Roster Module:


Step 2

Click Open Rosters then Add New Roster.




Step 3

Fill in the Roster Details, including the Roster Name, time and date the roster will cover (Start and End Times - mm/dd/yyyy for date and hh:mm for time), and the name of the officer in charge and Shift, if needed.  It is recommended to name the Roster starting with the date (e.g. 7/1/2017 - A Shift).  Check all stations using the Roster and the select "Next."



Step 4

Choose Apparatus for each station for this roster. If your account uses the Shift Module , select a shift from the dropdown menu, and click Prefill from Shift.

If correct click OK to verify and use the check boxes to select any additional apparatus to be included in the roster. 

If your account does not use Shift Module, manually check all apparatus to be included in the roster. Click Next to progress to Roster Personnel.


Step 5


Assign Personnel to each Apparatus. If you used the Prefill from Shifts function correctly, personnel are already assigned. If you did not use Prefill, then you will manually assign personnel: click Personnel and check all personnel to be included on that apparatus, click Save and then repeat to add personnel for additional apparatus.


Note: If you created your Roster using the Prefill From Shift function, if your personnel are not assigned to an Apparatus in the Shift, they will be "Unassigned" to both a station and apparatus.  You will need to remove them from "Unassigned" and ten add the to the proper apparatus.

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