Daily Log: Configuration

Settings in the Daily Log can be configured from the Administration module. Daily Log settings include:

  • Daily Log Activity Code List
  • Daily Log Rollover Time
  • Default Activity Codes


Daily Log Activity Code List

When adding a new item to the daily log, the user can select the activity code from a drop down. The options that appear inside this drop down are set up in the Daily Log Activity Code List in the Administration module. From here, Activity Codes can be added, edited or deleted. To add a new activity code, select Add Activity Code and provide a name and ID. 


Daily Log Rollover Time

The Daily Log rolls over at midnight by default, but this can be configured for another time from the Administration module by clicking Daily Log Rollover Time and inputting the desired time (for example, at shift change):


Tip: Determine the best time for Daily Log Rollover for your agency and stick with it for reporting best practices.

Default Activity Codes

The Emergency Reporting system provides Default Activity Codes that can be pre-set and used for automatic entries into the daily log.


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