Entering Events

Once the Event Settings are defined correctly, you can start entering Events into the system to track when they happen, as well as associated payroll information. Once entered, Events can also be edited.

Enter a New Event

Step 1

Click Event List by Category on the main Events page.

Step 2

Select the Event Category that the event is to be added to.

Step 3

Click the Add New Event button.

Step 4

Provide the required, and optional, Event Details information.

Field Description
Event Date Event date of occurrence.
Event Type Select from the user-defined Event Type
Event Name Title of the event.
Length (in hours) Time duration of the event.
Location Where the event will take place.

Step 5

Check box the personnel, under Attendees who will attend the Events.

Step 6

Click Next.

Step 7

If using the Payroll Module for Events, fill in the Payroll Information and click Next.

Step 8

Enter your Password to lock the Event.

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