Details Tab

The Details Tab holds extra details about the each Hydrant. From here you can enter the following information:

  • Type: Type of hydrant (i.e. Wet, Regular, Stand Pipe, etc.). List populated in Settings area of Hydrants.
  • Ports: The number of ports the hydrant has.
  • Manufacturer: The manufacturer of the hydrant (list populated from Settings are of Hydrants)
  • Year of Manufacture: Year the hydrant was built.
  • Expected Replacement Year: Projected year hydrant will be taken out of service and replaced with a new hydrant.
  • Value: Is the replacement cost and not the existing cost.
  • Color: Allows you to enter and track hydrant color, which can be based off of flow (NFPA 291), or can track any color scheme.
  • Barrel Size: Inside diameter of the hydrant in inches.
  • Main: Diameter of pipe underground feeding the hydrant in inches.
  • Installed Date: Hydrant’s installation date, in mm/dd/yyyy format, use the calendar icon to choose the date, or click Today to have the system auto fill today’s date.
  • Installed by: Name or initials of person/company responsible for installation. Use Me to auto fill your name in.
  • Status: The hydrant Status should give more details about why the hydrant is In Service/Out of Service e.g. For hydrants that are In Service you can create a status like "Needs Testing" and for hydrants that are Out of Service a relevant status would be "Needs Repair".
  • Ownership: The ownership of the hydrants (list populated in Settings area of Hydrants)
  • Service Responsibility: The entity that is responsible for the maintenance of the hydrant (list populated in Settings area of Hydrants)
  • Valve Location: The location of the water turn off valve for the hydrant; generally adjacent to main.
  • Notes: Fill in any additional information not tracked elsewhere. When entering a new hydrant, clicking Save will add more tabs for you to fill in more data.

The settings are found within the Hydrants Module.

  1. Click the Hydrants tab.

  2. Click on any Hydrant in the Grid View.

  3. Click on Details Tab.
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