Creating User Defined Fields

The User-Defined Fields feature provides you a powerful tool to capture data from incidents that are not currently collected by NFIRS or NEMSIS.

  1. Navigate to the Administration Module.

  2. In the Administration Module, navigate to Incident Settings and click on the User-Defined Fields link. 


  3. Next, click on Add Field.

  4. In the Field Options box, click the Question text box and enter the question/data you wish to capture.

  5. Next, enter the Sequence number. The number entered here will be the order in which the question will appear in the Custom Fields page within an Incident Report.

  6. Optional: Check the Required box if you want this question to be a required (red) field when completing an incident report. If this box is checked, this question must be answered in order to complete an incident report.

  7. Next, for Answer Type, select either Single Selection to create answers for a multiple-choice question OR select Type In to create a text box for answering the question.

  8. If you chose Single Selection, you may begin entering answers. Type the first response in the Answers box.
    Hint: To make it more user-friendly, the first answer should be the one you expect to be the most common answer.

    • For each potential answer, simply click on the Add New Answer button and then enter the answer in the next line that appears.

  10. If you need to reposition your answers, simply use the arrow just to the left of the answers to drag and drop them in your preferred order.

  11. Click the Save button.

  12. Your User-Defined Field will appear in the grid in the sequence set by you.

NOTE: Archived Fields will still appear in the grid, but will have a green arrow in the column on the right side of the grid (That’s why there are multiple number “1”s listed below).

Great job! You’ve just created your first User-Defined Field. It will appear in the Incidents Module as shown below:

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