Inventory Settings

Use the Settings available in Inventory to build a list of businesses the department regularly works with. Here you can create categories to organize inventory items, select which personnel will receive notices at reorder points, and define inventory packaging types for the consumable goods in your department.

Step 1

Add entries under Business List. Click Add New Business to enter information such as business name, vendor category, contact info and more.

Step 2

Create Inventory Categories by clicking Add New Category. To add personnel to receive notifications click on a Category in Inventory Categories and then click Add Person. Specify reorder notifications to specific personnel under Notify when items in this category reach this level.

Step 3

To add packaging types and amounts click Inventory Packaging Types under settings. Click Add New Packaging Type to enter a new record, including the amount in each type of package.

Because some package types are the same, such as “box”, it is helpful to record these items as “Box of Pens” or “Box of Napkins”.

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