Sending Messages

Users with access to the Message Center can post messages to individual or multiple personnel who have also been given access to the message center module. These internal messages will be displayed in the recipients’ Message Center and Daybook, under System Notifications.

Additionally, messages can be sent to external users who have a valid email address (for example:

Though messages can be sent to external email accounts, users will not be able to reply back from external email accounts. Note: External emails are sent from

Here's how to send a message:

  1. From the Message Center module, click “Compose.
  2. Provide all relevant information:

    • Send To: Select personnel by clicking on “Internal Message” for internal emails, or by clicking “External Email To” for external emails.
    • Message Type: Select General or Critical from the dropdown menu. General is for low-priority messages. Critical is for high-priority messages, which will be displayed in red on the daybook. 
  3. Enter the message text in the body field.

  4. Click Send.
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