Getting Started with the Payroll Module

The Payroll Module allows for tracking a department’s payroll information, either hourly, point-based, or both. You can also print time cards for employee payment. In this module, you can create or updatePay Grades, print payroll, or simply track unpaid hours.

Step 1

Navigate to Payroll Settings

Start by defining your Payroll Settings, which can be found in the Payroll Module, in the upper left-hand corner.

Step 2

Check as many of the payroll boxes as necessary to meet your department’s needs. Then click Update.

Step 3

Add Pay Grade

Create Pay Grades by clicking Add Pay Grade and fill in the grade name (position title) and rate (dollar amount per hour or per call). Click Save.

Step 4

Start using the module!

Now that your Payroll Settings have been defined, you are ready to start using the module. You can run reports, perform bulk updates to pay grade and create a time card.

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