Creating Time Cards in Payroll

When Enable Time Cards is turned on in the Payroll Settings, you’ll have the option to create Time Cards. Time Cards are different fromPayroll Reports because they calculate information for times and people you specify. Supervisors can generate time cards for any date range, and for any personnel.

Step 1

Click Time Cards.

Click Time Cards in the upper left-hand corner of the Payroll module.

Step 2

Click Add Time Card.

Step 3

Enter a card name

Enter a card name and description (if needed) and the From Date and To Date, the length the Time Card will span. Check all the personnel to be included on the Time Card. Click Next at the bottom of the page.

Step 4

Enter the Number Of Hours.

Enter in the number of Hours for each person, for each day. Pay Gradewill default to the pay indicated in each person’s account. You may also manually select Pay Grade from the menu. Click Next.

Step 5

Review and click Finish

Once the reviewed card is satisfactory, enter your password to lock theTime Card. Click Finish to close the Time Card.

Time Cards do not have to be locked. Locked and unlocked Time Cardsare displayed in the Time Card table.

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