Understanding Parameter Descriptors By-For-Per

In the title of most reports, the user will see one or more of the terms by, per, or for. These terms imply the specific functionality of each report.


By implies grouping, or parts of the report that are divided up by a specific component. For example:

Occupancy List by Street Name
The ‘by Street Name’ portion of the title indicates that there will be separate groups within the report for each unique street name.


Per means that there will be grouping with only summary details. For example:

Incidents Per Station for Date Range
Indicates that the report will be summarized by providing station totals for each station.


For means the report is being filtered. For example:

For Date Range
Means that data will be filtered down to a specific date range.
For Incident Number
Means that a report will be filtered down to a single incident number.
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