Create and Manage Shifts

Shifts are created and edited from the main Shifts page. Once Shifts are finalized users with adequate access can authorize them to lock them. Locked Shifts also interface with Daily Roster.  Unlocked Shifts do not interface with any other modules.

To Add A New Shift

Step 1

In the Shift Module, click Add Shift.

Step 2

Provide the Shift Details.

Field Description
Shift Name Title of the shift
Station Select from the dropdown menu the shift’s station
From Date The shift’s beginning date (mm/dd/yyyy)*
To Date The shift’s ending date (mm/dd/yyyy)*
Color Click the palette icon to select a color to be associated with the shift.

*The first day/date of the Shift and last day/date of the Shift (e.g. From Date = 01/01/201x, To Date = 12/31/201x).  It is recommended to create your shift(s) for no longer than a one year period.

Select Personnel

Three methods are available to select and assign personnel to a shift.

Step 1

Manually check the box by each Personnel’s Name.

Step 2

Use the Check All or Uncheck All options accordingly.

Step 3

Use the Fill Personnel function to highlight and/or select personnel that fit a defined criterion. The Shift, Station, and/or Rank information must be populated in the dropdown menus in the Administration Module and in each Personnel’s account.

To Use The Fill Personnel Function:

  1. Use the dropdown menus available under Fill Personnel to define which criterion you want personnel to be pulled from.
  2. Click Highlight and it will draw a yellow highlight on top of personnel that fit the criteria defined.
  3. If the highlighted personnel are correct, click Check. Those highlighted personnel’s boxes will be checked.

Step 4

Define the Shift Dates.

Two methods are available for specifying the Shift Dates for the span of the shift date range.

  1. Manually check each day to be part of the shift.
  2. Use the Fill Dates function to formulate which dates should be included, depending on what shift system you need.

To Use The Fill Dates Function:

  1. If your shift is regular, such as 2 day on, 2 day off, 2 day on, 2 day, etc., use the top portion of the Fill Dates tool to specify the start day and which regular interval number to check.
  2. Click Highlight and it will draw a yellow highlight on top of personnel that fit the criteria defined.
  3. If your shift system fluctuates—such as the Modified Detroit system—use the bottom portion to specify days on and days off.
    • Example: To enter a shift that is 2 days on (where days on are positive integers), 2 days off (where days off are negative integers), 2 days on, four days off, the formula would look like this.
  4. When you’ve defined the shift system using either method in theFill Dates tool, click Go.

Step 5

If using the Payroll Module, provide payroll information for personnel attached to this shift. If the Shift Module is intended to interface with the Daily Roster Module, it is critical that an apparatus is selected for each personnel.

Step 6

Review the shift information on the last screen.

Step 7

If all information looks correct, enter your password to lock the shift.

Shifts do not have to be locked, but only locked shifts interface with any other module in the system.

Step 8

Click Finish.

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