VISION Overview

The VISION system is a dynamic tool that allows departments to analyze and categorize risks present in their community, compare data to other departments nationwide, and generate the Occupancy Vulnerability Assessment Profile (OVAP) score for all occupancies within their response area. VISION is a component of the Emergency Reporting System, part of the Occupancy module, but is also available to departments as a stand-alone product. Like the Emergency Reporting system, VISION is 100% web-based.

Whether stand-alone, or part of a department’s overall Emergency Reporting system, accounts with VISION enabled involve three components:

  1. The Demographics Module is available.
  2. A VISION heading is available from the main Occupancy module page, with related information.
  3. An additional Hazards tab is available for each individual occupancy.


Setup Occupancy Module

Before any hazard reports or statistics can be compiled in VISION, department Occupancies must be first entered into the system. If Occupancies haven’t already been entered into the system, follow the steps in the Occupancy help section, to configure your Occupancy module as needed.

Enter Hazards Tab Information

Once the Occupancy settings, category/subcategory structure, and individual occupancies are entered, OVAP scores can be calculated for each Occupancy through the Hazards Tab. The Hazards tab is only available when VISION is enabled in an account.

Run Hazard Reports & Perform Statistics

Once hazard information is entered for Occupancies in the system, including OVAP score calculations, reports and statistical information can be run to evaluate a department’s overall community risk.

To run an Occupancy Hazard Report:

  1. Click Occupancy Hazard Report from the main Occupancy page
  2. On the pop-up window, specify what attributes the Hazard Report will include (the system defaults to checking all options):
    • Show OVAP scores in risk groups: Reports are categorized according to risk, and you can specify which risk types are to be included in the Hazard Report. Occupancies with OVAP scores are categorized as follows:

      Risk Group | OVAP Score
      Maximum | 60 or more
      Significant | 40 to 59
      Moderate | 15 to 39
      Low | 14 or less

  3. Order results by: From this dropdown menu, select which attribute the Hazard Report shall be sorted by. The report will sort in ascending order.
  4. Click Generate Report


To perform Hazard Statistics:

  1. Click Hazard Statistics from the main Occupancy page
  2. The system will compile all calculated OVAP scores and display results in a new window. Calculated information includes:
    • Number of Occupancies per risk level
    • Percentile total of Occupancies (where OVAP scores are calculated) in each risk group.
    • Average score for all Occupancies
    • Number of complete OVAP scores
    • Number of incomplete OVAP scores
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