Introduction to Training 3.0—Setup

Correctly setting up Training 3.0 is essential for getting the very most out of this Module.

The key to success is to take your time working through each of the tabs before you begin to actively use Training 3.0.

Note: This KB Article provides an introduction and suggestions for best practices. To further assist you, each tab also has a separate Knowledge Base Article.

Once you click on the Settings button on Training 3.0,

pay particularly close attention to the first three tabs:

One way to look at these tabs is to think of a tree:

  • Training 3.0 Module is the trunk of the tree.
  • Class Categories are the biggest branches and will contain broad categories.
    • Examples:
      • Emergency Medical Services Training
      • Firefighter Training
      • Special Operations Training
  • Training Code Categories are smaller branches where the categories are more detailed.
    • Examples:
      • Fire Inspector Training
      • ISO Building Familiarization & Preplanning
  • Training Codes are the smallest branches of the tree that list specific class and/or objectives.
    • Examples:
      • ACLS
      • Fire Instructor I
      • Fire Streams

An Example of the “tree”:

Class Category
Firefighter Training
Training Code Category
Multiple Company Drill
Training Code
Mayday Drills

Another way to think of these tabs comes from the ICS Model:

Training 3.0 ICS Model
Class Category Strategy Level
Training Code Category Tactics Level
Training Code Task Level

Now you’re ready to begin building your Training 3.0 Module!

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