Entering A Training Class from Scratch Part 3: Files Page

Page 3 - Files Page

On the Files page you can add files, website addresses (URLs), and Task Sheets. This is useful for compiling any required documents or materials for a class in one location such as PowerPoint presentation, lesson plan, quiz, outlines, etc. It can also be used post-class to store documents such as sign-in sheets, certificates or other forms used during the class.

Adding Files

  1. Click on the Add File(s) button

  2. Click the Upload button

  3. Select the file(s) you wish to upload. Click Open.

  4. After you’ve chosen files and the files have uploaded, click the Close button.

Adding a URL

  1. Click on the Add URL(s) button.

  2. Enter the URL of the web page, the Name of the web page, and any further Description you would like to give.

  3. Click Save and Close button if you’re done with entering URLs OR Click the Save and Add Another button if you have more to enter.

Adding a Task Sheet

  1. Click on the Add Task Sheet(s) button

  2. Select the Task Sheet(s) you wish add to the class by checking the box(es) in the leftmost column. You may filter by Category or search by Name or Description.

  3. Click the Add button

Your files, URLs, and Task Sheets will appear in the Files table. In the left pane you can click on the one you want to view. In the File Preview pane if you click on the icon it will either open the URL or download the file.

You’re now ready to add People to your class.

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