Entering A Training Class from Scratch Part 4: People

Page 4 - People

Adding Personnel allows you to track who attended a training, both people from your agency as well as visitors.

Adding Agency Personnel

  1. To enter members of your agency attending the class, click the Add Agency Personnel button.

  2. Select the personnel attending the class by checking the box(es) in the leftmost column.
    TIP: You can choose from a shorter list by filtering personnel by specific Rank, Shift , and/or Station form the header dropdown lists.

  3. Click the Add button

  4. Once you have added people you can record Grade, Hours and/or Points for each person. By default all students are marked as "Passed" but this can be changed as needed. To track by Hours and/or Points these options must be turned on in the Payroll Module even if you are not planning on using the system for payroll purposes. For more information on this click here.
  5. If you have "Track Hours by Training Code by Individual" turned on in your Settings you can click on an agency personnel in order to adjust their Hours by Training Code.



Adding Non-Agency Personnel

  1. To add Non-Agency Personnel to the class, click the Add Non-Agency Personnel button

  2. Enter First Name and Last Name of the person and the person’s Agency Name (optional).

  3. Click Save and Close button if you’re done with entering personnel OR Click the Save and Add Another button if you have more people to enter.

  4. Non-agency Personnel can be marked as "Pass" and a Grade can be recorded but Hours and Points can not.
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