Templates - Part 1 - Creating a Class Template

This article will show you how to create a Class Template in Training 3.0. Class Templates can be used to speed up the process of routinely conducted trainings and are also used in JPRs. You can learn more about JPRs here: JPRs

  1. Navigate to the Training 3.0 Module.

  2. Click on Add Class Template at the top of the page.
  3. Type in the name of the Class Template
  4. Choose Create Template from Scratch. Alternatively, if your account already has templates that have been made you can choose the second option and select a template from the dropdown list to use as a foundation.
  5. Click Add Template.
  6. You are now at the Class Template Details screen. This is almost identical to a training class entry with the exception of three things: there is no Date field on the Info tab and there are no Narrative or People tabs because they are unique to a specific class entry.
    The image below indicates the step in this tutorial that each field is covered under.
  7. You can edit the name by typing in the Class Template Name box in the event you want to change it from what you initially input. 
  8. Select your Class Category from the dropdown list. These are what have been set up in the Settings. For further instruction: Setting Up Training 3.0 - Part 02 - Class Categories

  9. Enter in your desired Class Length or if you have Track Hours by Training Code turned on the Settings this Value will be calculated based on Training Code hours.
  10. Select your Station. This field will link the Daily Log entry that is automatically generated upon the completion of a class to a specific station. This field is not required.
  11. Choose your Evaluation Method(s). One selection is required, but more than one can be selected. 
    • None
    • Written: A written or computer-based test will be administered to students.
    • Subjective: Instructors or Evaluators will judge Students’ performance on tasks.
    • Manipulative: Students’ grades will be determined by completion of tasks.
  12. Add Instructors by selecting the grey Add box. Oftentimes instructors will not be added to a Class Template as the class may be taught by a variety of individuals. An exception would be adding an instructor for a specialized class such as CPR if that individual always teaches that class.
  13. Type in or choose your Instructor Name
    • Agency personnel: Select a user in this list from your department.
    • Type in Instructor Name: Type the first name in the first box, last name in the second box and the Agency name in the third box.
  14. You now can choose the type of instructor. You must have one Lead Instructor but can add additional Assistant Instructor(s) and/or Evaluator(s)
  15. Type any notes required for this instructor. 
  16. Click Add. You can edit the instructor by clicking the note pad on the right side of Instructor line. You can delete the instructor by clicking the trashcan on the right side of instructor line. 
  17. Add resources for this class by clicking Add under Resources
  18. Check the boxes of the resources you wish to add and then click the Add button. You can delete a resource by clicking the trash can on the right side of the line.
  19. Add training codes by clicking the Add button under Training Codes. 
  20. Check the boxes of the training codes you wish to add and then click the Add button. You can delete a training code by clicking the trashcan on the right side of the line.
  21. Add industry standards for this class by clicking Add under Standards. This step is optional.
  22. Check the boxes of the training codes you wish to add and then click the Add button. You can delete a training code by clicking the trashcan on the right side of the line.
  23. Choose a location for this class by clicking Change under Location.
  24. You can either choose an existing Location using the drop down list or enter a new location, which will require you to enter in the Name and Description. Click Save.
  25. You can fill in the Objective with text.
  26. Click the Files Tab.
  27. You can Add File(s)Add URL(s), and Add Task Sheet(s). File Preview is on the right side of this page. For further instruction: Entering a Training Class from Scratch Part 3: Files Page

  28. Click the Authorize tab.

  29. Enter your Password, add Notes if needed and then mark this template as reviewed as that will allow it to be used when creating classes. Click Complete Class Template to finish the template. 
  30. Once locked the Authorize tab will show the authorization history view.


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