Setting Up Training 3.0 - Adding a Class Template

This article will show you how to add a Class Template onto Training 3.0.

  1. Navigate to the Training 3.0 Module.

  2. Inside Training 3.0 click on Add Class Template at the top of the page.

  3. Type in the name of the Class Template

  4. Choose Create Template from Scratch

  5. Click Add Template.

  6. You are now at the Class Template Details screen. 

  7. You can edit the name by typing in the Class Template Name box. 

  8. Select your Class Category. Examples include:

    • Administration
    • Airport Operations
    • Apparatus/Equipment
    • Certifications
    • Emergency Medical
    • Fire Operation
    • Fire Prevention
    • Fire Fighter Training
    • Hazardous Materials
    • Incident Management
    • Safety
    • Technical Rescue
  9. Enter in your desired Class Length – Value will be calculated based on Training Code hours.

  10. Select your station. Enter in your location for the day book if the training is completed at your department station. This field selection is not required if performed off site from the department station.

  11. Choose your Evaluation Method(s). One selection is required, but more than one can be selected. 

    • None
    • Written: A written or computer-based test will be administered to students.
    • Subjective: Students’ performance on tasks will be judged by Instructors or Evaluators.
    • Manipulative: Students’ grades will be determined by completion of tasks.
  12. Add Instructors by selecting the grey Add box.

  13. Type in or choose your Instructor Name

    • Agency personnel: Select a user in this list from your department.
    • Type in Instructor Name: Type the first name in the first box, last name in the second box and the Agency name in the third box.
  14. You now can choose the type of instructor. You must have at least one Lead Instructor

  15. Type any notes required for this instructor. 

  16. Click Save. You can edit the instructor by clicking the note pad on the right side of Instructor line. You can delete the instructor by clicking the trash can on the right side of instructor line. 

  17. Add resources for this class by clicking Add under Resources

  18. Select the resources you wish to add and click the Add button on the left side of each line, or click the top box to select all.

  19. Select Add. You can delete a resource by clicking the trash can on the right side of the line.

  20. Add a training code by clicking the Add button under Training Codes. 

  21. Select the Category you wish to add and click the Add button on the left side of each line or the top box for all. 

  22. Select Add.

  23. Add in Hours. You can delete a Resource by clicking the trash can on the right side of line.

  24. You can add Industry Standards now. This step is optional.

  25. Now you can change Location. You can either choose an existingLocation using the drop down list or enter a new location – enter in the Name and Description

  26. Click Save.

  27. You can fill in the Objective with text. Our system will auto-save when this template is complete.

  28. Click the Files Tab.

  29. You can Add File(s), Add URL(s), and Add Task Sheet(s). File Preview is on the right side of this page.

  30. Authorize by putting in your Password. You can also add Notes if needed and mark this template as reviewed. Click Complete Class Template to finish the template. 

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