Class Sign Up

For Read-Only Users

As a read only user of the Training module, you can see all of the classes but you do not have access to the pending approval grid or settings. You can only click and read about a class, not edit or unlock it. You also have the ability to sign up for the scheduled class.

To sign up for a class, simply navigate to the Sign Up Request button.

Then, a pop up window will appear that looks like this:

From here you can send (by default) a request to sign up to the Lead Instructor of the class, and you have the option to send it to someone else if needed (like the Training Officer or Fire Chief).

Submitting this request will send an e-mail if the person has an e-mail address entered in the system.

For Instructors with Full Permissions

Class Instructors will receive messages in their Message Center as well as email notifications when people create in sign-up requests. It would look like this from the home page:

After navigating to the Message Center, you would be able to see the new Sign Up Requests in your messages like this:

Note: In order to receive email notifications, you must have a valid address in the Personnel section of the Administration Module.

When a person with full permissions or the instructor of a class logs into the system they can see the Pending Requests Button. The e-mail that is sent will have a link to take them to this page after they log into the system.

Note: You can see the Pending Requests button, and the Reports button, but not the Settings Button.

The only requests one can approve are the ones where the person is the Lead Instructor. In the picture below, the user is Ann Blartz and she can only accept the request for the class she teaches (as you can see in theActions column).

When the instructor hits Approve after clicking on the Actions column, it will send a message to the Message Center for that person and to their e-mail if they have one in the system. It will then remove the request from view on the grid because the status filter defaults to “Pending” status. To see the approved or denied requests, you can change the status filter.

When the instructor approves someones class enrollment, this notification will show up in the Message Center.

When someone is denied a class it will give them the reason. Here is the message Ed Uless would receive if he was to be denied entry to a class. It will also give a reason as well if the Instructor included one.

This is what it would look like if he was approved:

When a person with full Training access logs into the system, they can go to the Pending Requests grid, sort the status for all (blank filter) or sort by. You can also navigate to the information icon for denied classes to see the reason why a person was denied.

Note: Currently when you delete (archive) a request there isn't a way to get it back. It will still show on the grid when you change the status to show blank (all) or archived. That feature will be added in the future.

Daybook Notification for Students Needing Approval

The daybook notification has a setting for “Show Number of Students Needing Approval” under the Training 3.0 section.

When this option is enabled, a notification will be displayed under the Training 3.0 section if there are Students with Pending Approvals. This notification will only show for users who have FULL Training 3 permissions or if they are a Lead Instructor for a class.

Clicking on the link will take you to the Pending Requests page.

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