Job Performance Requirements (JPRs)

Job Performance Requirements (JPRs) allow you to group classes together to achieve a training objective that is too large for just one class. You can finish a JPR with or without creating a certification.
Note: JPR’s are limited to Full Permissions Users at this time. Only the Training Officers or Chiefs need to set up the JPR’s for the department. Company officer level participation will be at the class level.

  1. Navigate to the Training 3.0 Module
  2. Navigate to the JPR button.
  3. Click on Add New JPR. A pop-up will appear where you can add in information.
  4. Give the JPR a Title, Start Date, End Date and Description. This will define what the JPR is going to accomplish and how long a person has to complete the requirement.
    Note: If you are a Safety Analytics customer you can check the NFPA 1500 box to drive your Training gauge.
  5. Next, navigate to Add Class Templates and add a single class template or a series of class templates so that anytime a class is made from the template it is available for completion of that JPR. Once done selecting the required templates click the "Add" button.
    Note: If you do not currently have Class Templates in the Training 3.0 Module, you will have to build a class template to utilize JPRs. Click here to learn how to create a Class Template.

  6. Once you get the templates added, then you can add the people who need to complete the JPR. You can use the filter options to easily select certain individuals. Once done, click the "Add" button.
    Note: When you add a class that is attached to a JPR, and one or more of the people who are assigned to that JPR are in the class, they will get credit for that part of the JPR. 

  7. On the JPR home screen, you will see the name of the JPR you just created, the Start Date, the End Date, the overall Status of the JPR, and the Completion Progress status of the students.
  8. By hovering over the Extra Info icon at the front of the line, you will see the description of the JPR and list of templates association with the JPR.
  9. If you click on the sideways arrow to the left of the JPR, it will show you the student level drilldown. This will display the students NameStart Date, End Date, Completion Date, and personal Status.
  10. By clicking on the arrow by the students name, it will show you the individual classes that student has either completed or is scheduled to complete. It also shows the Class Name, Class Date, Pass / Fail, and class Status.
  11. Click on a class if you want to review the class information.
  12. When a student has completed all the classes for a JPR, the Status will change to Pending. You will be able to see that he has completed X out of X classes (e.g. 2 out of 2).
  13. When a person has completed all of the classes for the JPR you will then be able to complete the JPR for them and either:

    1. Complete without creating a Certification
    2. Complete into a Certification and manually upload a Certificate Document
    3. Complete into a Certification and have ERS automatically generate a Certificate Document


  14. Click on the lock icon to grant the JPR as complete. Enter your password, enter the appropriate Granted Date, add any Notes, and select the appropriate Certification option. Once done click "Complete JPR". 

  15. If you select one of the Certification options a pop-up box will appear. The Granted Date will show the date you entered for the JPR Granted Date. You can then choose a Certification Type and Certification Name from the dropdowns as well as an Expiration Date and Notes if applicable. If you chose to manually upload a file click "Add Certificate" to upload the file. Once all fields are completed click "Save".
    Note: You must already have Certifications set up in order to select them here. For more information on setting up Certifications Click Here.
  16. The Certification will now show up in the individual's personnel record.
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