FH 7 Export Procedures

  1. Click on File, move cursor down and over and click on Export NFIRS 5.0 Transaction File.

  2. Check the type of file you wish to export. Click on Next.

    Before exporting incident transaction files, you should first send a Department Information (DEP) file only. After we have confirmed that information for you, you can proceed to send only Incident Transaction (INC) files, unless you need to update the department information you have provided.

  3. Make sure your department’s FDID number is showing in the FDID box. Set From Date and To Date to establish an Export range. Check the indicated Additional Options. Click on Next.

    NOTE: “Date-Range” and “Additional Options” apply only to Incident Transaction Files and will not appear if you are “Exporting Department Information Only.”

  4. Firehouse Software will develop and name “Transaction” (INC) and “Department Information” (DEP) files – Click on File to access a dropdown list of folders - Open the folder on your system to which you wish to Save your Output Files.

  5. Click on Next.

  6. Check “Yes, transmit… via FTP” then click FTP Setup.

  7. As always, you will need to complete the yellow-shaded boxes, and in this case the password as well.

    Enter the server/user name and password the OSFC provided. Click OK.

  8. With an FTP Setup, click Next.

  9. Check to make sure your export information is correct. Click Finish. Then it will ask you again to check the export information and click Yes if you wish to “Continue with export?”

  10. Click Yes if you wish to review the export history. Click No if you do not want to review the transaction.

  11. If you clicked Yes to view the history, click on the Transactions tab for details.

  12. To check an Export transaction file at any time. Click on File, move cursor down to NFIRS 5.0 Incident Reporting and over and click on NFIRS Export History Log.

  13. From the Export Performed dropdown list select the NFIRS Export History you wish to view.

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