Getting Started with PennFIRS


Correctly setting up Emergency Reporting's modules is critical to your agency's success with our product. Configuring the system will allow you and your team to run reports, make critical decisions based on real-time data, measure your team's progress, communicate within the department, exchange information with nearby mutual aid partners, and more.

What You Need To Get Started

    • Your admin account login
    • Your admin account password

Detailed Account Configuration Instructions

Click here to read our article with detailed instructions for setting up your Emergency Reporting account for the first time.

Additional Resources

As you're configuring and using your account, you may have questions. Below is a list of resources to help you get the information you need to be successful.

Feature Request Suggest a feature or see what's planned for our product.
Training Resources
Virtual Thursdays Free weekly training webinars
Regional Training Classroom learning hosted in cities across the U.S.
Online Classes Station-specific training in an online class format
On-Site Training Bring an Emergency Reporting trainer to your station to teach your staff
Support Resources
Contact Support Have a question you can't resolve? Contact our U.S.-based support technicians.


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