Gauge #1 - Organization

The Organization Gauge monitors 8 predefined Categories in the Library with 45 predefined subcategories to contain the needed documentation for total NFPA 1500 compliance.

The criteria used to calculate the Organization compliance are:

Locked/Unlocked status of the predefined Library Categories and Subcategories for NFPA 1500.

If the bar below the gauge is...

  • Green, then this lists the NFPA categories and subcategories that are locked
  • Black, then this lists the NFPA categories and subcategories that are unlocked

These bars display the needed Policies and Procedures that you will need to have in place. As you add your documentation, you will set the next review date for that policy and then lock the subcategories into a “Read Only” Status.

To see how the criteria for each light bar is calculated, click here


Step 1: Add New Item in Subcategories



Step 2: Set the Next Review Date



Step 3: Lock into "Read Only"

The gauge will begin to move toward the green as the predefined categories and subcategories are locked. Continue to build your library with the needed documents as outlined in NFPA 1500.

When a document’s “Next Review Date” is passed, the category and subcategory will automatically unlock and cause the gauge to move back toward the Black.

By clicking on the Black Bar it opens a dialog box that will show you the category and subcategory that is unlocked. You can click on the text and it is a link to take you right to that subcategory so that you can update the documents that need review.

Once you edit your document and re-set the next review date you can relock the subcategory and category and the gauge will return to 100%.

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