Gauge #3 - Staffing

The Staffing Gauge monitors the difference between your declared needed suppression personnel in the Demographics Module, and your actual suppression (combat) personnel.

If a person is set to the “Non-Combat” Fit for Duty status in the Administration Personnel section they will not be counted toward your total.

Note: This gauge does not look at assignments for those personnel.

The criteria used to calculate the Staffing compliance are the number of actual active combat personnel compared to the number Suppression personnel entered in Demographics > My Agency Profile> Staffing > Personnel section. To see the actual calculations for this criteria, click here

If the bar below the gauge is:

  • Green, then it will display the # of Active combat personnel (Fit for Duty, Light Duty, Off Duty)

Clicking on the Green Light bar will take you to the Personnel area in the Demographics Module.

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