Gauge #4 - Medical/Physical

This gauge looks at the active status and fit for duty status of your (combat) personnel. This gauge and the Staffing gauge should add up to the same number of people.

The criteria used to calculate the Medical/Physical compliance is the Fit for Duty status of your active personnel.

If the bar below the gauge is:

  • Green, then you see the number of active personnel who are “Fit for Duty”
  • Amber, then you see the number of active personnel who are “Light Duty”
  • Red, this is the number of active personnel who are “Off Duty”

To see how the criteria for each light bar is calculated, click here

The two things that affect this gauge are in the Administration/Personnel Module. Each person has a “Status” and a “Fit for Duty” setting.

  • "Status" has two possible selections: Active and Inactive. In order for a person to show on this gauge  they must be in the Active Status.
  • "Fit for Duty" has four possible Selections: Full Duty, Light Duty, Off Duty, and Non-Combat.

If a person is set to the Non-Combat selection they will not show on this gauge, any of the other three selections will show somewhere on the gauge. Clicking on one of the light bars will give you a list of the people for that Fit for Duty setting. By clicking on a name from the list it will take you right to the Personnel page for that person.


Administration Module > Personnel List > "Person"

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