Gauge #7 - Equipment

When you become a Safety Analytics customer we provide nine pre-defined equipment categories for NFPA 1500. This gauge will look at eight of them, the PPE Category has its own gauge.

The gauge will only look at pieces of equipment within the pre-defined NFPA 1500 categories.

The criteria used to calculate the Equipment compliance are:

  1. In Service / Out of Service status of equipment

  2. Has the equipment had an NFPA Annual test within the last year?

When the bars below the gauge are:

  • Green, this shows the number of In Service equipment with an NFPA Annual Test within the last year.

  • Black, this is the number of equipment that meet any of the following criteria:

    • In Service but does not have an NFPA Annual Test maintenance record within the last year.
    • Out of Service equipment

To see how the criteria for each light bar is calculated, click here


It is up to each individual department to set up the Subcategories for each of the pre-defined categories as you need them. Each Category is set to have an annual inspection frequency. Each piece of equipment you put in one of these categories will be required to have at least a yearly NFPA Annual Test maintenance type done annually. Each Subcategory under this Category can be set to have an inspection more frequently than annual, but this gauge is only looking for the NFPA Annual Test maintenance record.


Clicking on any piece of equipment from that list will take you to the Maintenance History for that piece of equipment.

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