Configuring Notifications

Daybook notifications can be set by the individual user by selecting "Change my notifications" from the upper right-hand corner of the Daybook.

Note: The Daybook is the home page of the Emergency Reporting System. There is not a module tab for the Daybook.


The following Notification Options can be configured for Daybook:

  • Calendar Items
  • Messages
  • Incidents
  • Hydrants
  • Maintenance
  • Inspections
  • Permits
  • Training
  • Certifications
  • Events

Each section of the System Notifications can be turned on or off completely, and can also be further configured using the guidelines below for reference:

Many items in the notification options give the choice to either ‘Show Summary’ or ‘Show Details’.

Show Summary

Displays limited information, such as the module name and the number of items within the module requiring attention. Here is an example from the Message Center:


Show Details

Displays additional details about the item requiring attention. This will increase the amount of space each notification takes up on the Daybook screen:



Items that can be configured to show Summary or Detail information are:

  • Calendar Items
  • Messages
  • Outstanding Hydrant Work Orders
  • Out of Service Hydrants
  • Maintenance Pending Work Orders
  • Inspection Information
  • Active Permits
  • Training Class Information

Items that allow for additional customization of information (beyond Summary and Detail settings) are as follows:


  • Display number of incomplete incidents assigned to the user
  • Display number of incidents to be reviewed by the user
  • Display number of incomplete patients assigned to the user


  • Filter inspection notification based on zone or inspection type
  • Only display inspections assigned to the user
  • Display overdue inspections
  • Display inspections for a customized time period into the future


  • Show permits by type
  • Show active permits for a customized number of days in the past or future


  • Show classes that you are enrolled in within a customized number of days in the future
  • Show any scheduled classes that you are not enrolled in for a customized number of days in the future
  • Show any classes where you are an instructor for a customized number of days in the future.
  • Show classes that are pending Completion and/or Review
  • Show the number of students that are pending approval for class enrollment


  • Show certifications that will be expiring in a customized number of days in the future
  • Show certifications that have expired in the last customized number of days
  • Administrators will have the option to view ‘All Certifications’ for all users in their account
    • Clicking on the user’s name in the System Notifications display will take you to the certifications for the user so you can renew a person’s certification

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