Adding Library Items

Once your basic layout is in place you can start adding items. You can upload files of all types, Word documents, PDF documents, PowerPoint files, video files, audio files, etc.
Click the Add Document Icon add_document.png to browse for the document you want to upload.


You can add a file name, description of the file, and a review date for the file. 


The subcategory will now show a header and the document you uploaded.  You will now see the name of the document, the uploaded date, the next review date, the history icon, and icons for information, edit, download, and delete.


To upload a URL (web address) click the add link icon: add_url.png

Copy the URL into the URL line. Give it a name and description. Again, you can set a review date if you wish.



By clicking on the name (in red) it will take you to the web site for the URL that is uploaded.



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