FH Net Export Procedures

  1. Click on File, then go to Incident reporting and then Transaction file export

    The next screen appears that appears is Export

  2. Click on Location so you can select where to save the file of exported incidents.

    • Department - Click on box next to field to search for individual department by FDID

    • Date Range - Select the date range desired

    • Additional Options - Make sure the first three (3) boxes are checked

  3. Click Next. A screen will appear with summary of the task.

  4. Click Begin Export

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    Just an FYI... although not an issue with the instructions, but I have tried the Export per the instructions provided. When doing the export, the file is saved to FH net's server and at this time, I am unable to transfer the file from their server to my hard drive for IMPORTING into Emergency Reporting.
    I have discussed this issue with the tech. support person at Xerox (FH Net), who was just as perplexed as I and has elevated my issue to the FH net support team.

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