Using Hydrants, Part 5: Adding Flow Tests (Manually)

Flow Test data can be added in two ways: 1) via import from a .csv file or 2) manually one hydrant at a time. Importing is the most effective way of adding numerous records at one time. Manual entry is best when you have one or very few flow tests to enter and they data is not entered into a spreadsheet. Having flow test data entered for your hydrants will result in proper NFPA color-coding of the hydrants in map views.

How to Complete the Manual Entry of Hydrants

Step 1: Navigate to the Hydrants Module.


Step 2: Locate your desired hydrant and navigate to Flow Tests.

You can either double-click to open the hydrant and then navigate to the Flow Tests tab, or simply click on the Flow Tests icon on the far right.


Step 3: Once on the Flow Tests tab click on Add Flow Test.


Step 4: Fill in the fields with the data from your flow test.

Once fields have been filled in for both the Test Hydrant and the Flow Hydrant the Volume at Desired Pressure will be automatically calculated. You can also add any notes specific to the test of that hydrant in the Remarks box. When completed click on the Save button.


Step 5: You will now be taken back to the Flow Tests tab where your data is now visible.

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