Using Hydrants, Part 6: Viewing Flow Tests

Flow tests which have been entered into the system can be viewed in two ways: 1) via the individual hydrant or 2) from the Flow Tests screen which shows all flow tests.

Viewing Flow Tests of Individual Hydrant

Step 1: Navigate to the Hydrants Module.

Step 2: Locate your desired hydrant and navigate to the Flow Tests.

You can either double-click to open the hydrant and then navigate to the Flow Tests tab or simply click on the Flow Tests icon on the far right.

The Flow Tests for that individual hydrant are now visible.

Viewing Flow Tests for All Hydrants

Step 1: Navigate to the Hydrants Module.

Step 2: Click on Flow Tests in the top menu bar.

All Flow Tests which have been entered can be accessed from this screen. You are also able to narrow down the results by Hydrant ID, Test Result or Tested By.

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