Locking Library Categories and Subcategories

Library categories and subcategories can be locked or unlocked by people with FULL Library permissions.

When a category/subcategory is locked, items are set to Read-Only mode and nothing can be added to the category/subcategory regardless of the user’s access level for Library. Drag and drop is also disabled if a category/subcategory is locked.

Icons for locking/unlocking:

 Category/Subcategory is unlocked.

 Category/Subcategory is locked.

cannot_be_locked_lock.png Category/Subcategory is unlocked and cannot lock.





Locking Categories/Subcategories

  • When a user with FULL Library permissions clicks on the Lock icon, a dialog will appear where the user can enter their password.


  •  If the Lock icon is greyed out, hovering over the icon will display the reason why the category/subcategory cannot be locked.

 Locking a Category

  • Subcategories within a category must be locked before a category can be locked.

Locking a Sub-Category

  • The items within a subcategory must have a next review date of “None” or a date in the future in order to lock a subcategory.

Unlocking a Category/Subcategory

  • When a category is unlocked, the subcategories remain locked until they are manually unlocked by a user with FULL Library permissions.

  • A nightly job runs to check items for their next review date. If an item is past the next review date, the category/subcategory that the item is in will be unlocked.


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