NEMSIS 3: "Pertinent Negatives" and "Not Values"

This describes how to enter Pertinent Negatives or PN’s and Not Values or NV’s into your Nemsis 3 patient data. The screenshots may differ from the current user experience, but the functionality is the same.

For Text input fields (both numeric and non-numeric) there are buttons to the right of the input box with the allowed PN’s and NV’s.
Note: You will not always be able type the PN or NV in the box (in the case of a 3-digit number), but clicking the button will input the text in the box.

nemsis 1

nemsis 2

For Quick Button inputs, where the most frequent answers are available with one click, the appropriate PN’s and NV’s are in the drop-down that will display once you click Other.

nemsis 3

nemsis 4

For Multi Selection, the appropriate NV’s and NP’s are buttons included with the others.

nemsis 5

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