Changing Hours by Training Code for Individuals Part 1: Set-Up

Training Officers now have the ability to adjust hours by training code for each individual within a class. This is especially helpful if the student is not there for entire class or there is a need to modify the numbers of hours a student receives for the training code(s) associated with the class. The functionality is currently available and reports are forthcoming.

Before we can use this feature, there are a couple of settings in the system we will need to activate:

A) Change Settings in Training 3.0

Step 1A

Navigate to the Training Module.

Step 2A
Click on Settings.

Step 3A
Click on the General Settings Tab.

Step 4A

Check both 1) “Track Hours by Training Code by Individual” & 2)“Track Hours by Training Code”, then 3) Click the Save button

B) Change Settings in the Payroll Module

Step 1B
Navigate to the Payroll Module.

NOTE: Even if you are not using the Payroll Module in your department, you’ll still need to make these changes in the Payroll Module in order take advantage of this feature in Training.

Step 2B
Click on Settings.

Step 3B

  1. Check “Enable Hourly Payroll for Training

  2. Click the Update button.

Now you are ready to adjust hours by training code for each individual within a class.

Please continue to the Knowledge Base article, Changing Class Hours by Training Codes for Individuals Part 2: Changing Class Hours for a Student.

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