Changing Hours by Training Code for Individuals Part 2: Changing Class Hours for a Student

Ok, now that you’ve updated the necessary settings to allow you to change class hours by training codes for individuals from KB Article “Changing Class Hours by Training Codes for Individuals Part 1: Set-Up”, let’s begin using this feature in an actual class.

Step 1
Navigate to the Training Module.

Step 2
Either Add Class or edit an existing class (We’ll edit an existing class for this example).

Step 3
At the Info tab, note the multiple training codes that are part of the class. Go ahead and click on the People tab.

Step 4
Once you’re at the list of students, you should see a gray arrow just to the left of the student Tom Bates’s name. Click it to expand his list of training codes.

Step 5
Now that you’ve expanded the list of training codes for Tom Bates, we are going to change the hours he earned for the Training Code “Business Functions” from 03:00 to 02:00 hours.

Step 6
Next, click on the gray arrow again to collapse the training code list. Repeat Steps 4 & 5 for any other student(s) in the class you wish to adjust training code hours for.


Nice Job! You’ve successfully changed training code hours for a student in a class.


You’ll notice a validation warning when you go to the Authorize page that states “Mismatch between class hours and student hours claimed.”

This is the system letting you know that the class hours are different than one or more of the students’ hours for the class (In this case, the class length was 8 hours, but Tom Bates only earned 7 hours for the class).

Don’t worry, it will still let you complete and review the class.

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