Introduction to Safety Analytics Basic

As a result of our groundbreaking partnership with the University of Texas Arlington, Emergency Reporting is pleased to announce an industry first: A web-based tool to help you manage the health and safety of your most important resource – your firefighters and staff.

This tool, Safety Analytics, provides a real-time look at the state of your department’s overall safety and compliance with NFPA 1500 – the standard for Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health. NFPA 1500 is an umbrella document that encompasses just about every possible aspect of a fire department’s health and safety. Chiefs and Health & Safety Officers worldwide know that complying with NFPA 1500 is a daunting, manpower-intensive, and expensive proposition.

Military and civilian fire service professionals with hundreds of hours of combined experience helped guide this tool from its inception to release.

Currently, there are three versions of Safety Analytics: Basic, Plus and Premier. Both come with our unique “Pump Panel” interface. In Part 1 of this series, we will discuss Safety Analytics Basic.

Safety Analytics Basic

This version is available to any department looking to enhance their overall safety and adherence to NFPA 1500. Every Emergency Reporting Customer will receive Basic automatically.

Safety Analytics Basic includes two of the ten gauges, Gauge 1 - Organization and Gauge 5 - Wellness/Behavior:

Gauge 1 - Organization

This gauge answers the question:

Does my department have the NFPA 1500-required documentation?

Examples of requisite documentation include: Fire Department Organizational Statement (NFPA 1500 4.1.1), Risk Management Plan (4.2.1), and a Safety & Health Policy (4.3.1).

With Safety Analytics Basic, we provide a pre-configured set of Library categories and subcategories specific to NFPA 1500 to securely store these essential documents.

Gauge 5 - Wellness / Behavior

This gauge addresses the following:

Does you department have a Wellness / Behavior Program? Are all personnel informed about the Wellness / Behavior program?

Safety Analytics Basic also includes the following Emergency Reporting Modules: Message Center, Library, Calendar, My Profile, and Administration.

Data entered into these Modules will feed the gauges and move the needles, giving you a clearer picture of your department’s overall compliance with NFPA 1500 as it relates to these two components.

Important Note: Safety Analytics Basic will only indicate your progress up to 20% since it comprises just two of the ten gauges.

For a detailed description of Safety Analytics Premier, the complete version including all ten gauges, continue to Safety Analytics Premier Part 1

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