Gauge #2 - Apparatus

The Apparatus Gauge monitors the status of your designated NFPA compliant Apparatus.

The criteria used to calculate the Apparatus compliance are:

  1. Is the apparatus In Service or Out of Service?
  2. Has the apparatus had a scheduled Routine or Advanced Inspection within the inspection frequency?
  3. Has the apparatus had an NFPA Annual Test within the last calendar year?

If the bars below the gauge are:

  • Green, then this lists the Apparatuses that are In Service and are up to date on their inspections and annual test.
  • Red, then this lists the Apparatuses that are In Service and have either a past due inspection or annual test.
  • Black, then this lists the Apparatuses that are Out of Service

To see how the criteria for each light bar is calculated, click here.  


Step 1 - Designate which of your apparatus must follow NFPA testing guidelines for compliance

To do this go to the Apparatus List in the Administration module and answer these three questions for each apparatus:

  1. Is this apparatus in Service or Out of Service?
  2. Does this apparatus have a yearly test/inspection?
  3. How often does this apparatus need to be inspected?

Any apparatus that requires NFPA Compliance is included in the calculation on this gauge. You can pick any or all of your apparatus to be included on this gauge.


Step 2 - Understand the light bars

If the apparatus is "In Service" and the scheduled inspection (either Routine Inspection or Advanced Inspection) is out of compliance range, then it will show in the Red light bar. Also, if the NFPA Annual Test is out of compliance it will show in the Red light bar. This means if you have apparatus that are to be checked out daily, when you first get to the station in the morning you can expect to see them showing Red. As soon as the crew have done their inspection and logged it in ER, the gauge will once again move to all Green.

By clicking on the Red bar it will show a list of apparatus that need an inspection done. By clicking on one of the apparatus on the list it will take you right to where you can enter your daily / weekly check. If an apparatus is set to be checked “Daily” every night at midnight that apparatus will fall out of compliance and the gauge will show Red.

Clicking on the Black bar will display a list of those apparatus that are out of service. Once maintenance is done and they can be returned to service, you will need to go to the administration module to mark them in service again.

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