Configure Custom Fields

Step 1: Select "User-Defined Fields" from the Administration module


Step 2: Press "Add Field"

If you plan to use more than one custom field you may set the sequence for each question. Custom Fields can be set as a required field if desired.


Step 3: Select the appropriate Answer Type (Single Selection or Type In)

  • Use "Single Selection" to create a dropdown of multiple choice answers

  • Use "Type In" to create a text box

Then press "Save".


Step 4: Select "Required Fields & Customization" from the Administration module



Step 5: Check the box: Include "Custom Fields" Page



Custom Fields module will now be available in Incidents


Reports 805, 970, 1643, 1649 and 1664 all show Custom Field information. Below are examples of how Reports 805 and 970 should look. 


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