Track Personnel Hours in Training 3.0

Tracking personnel hours in the Training Module requires settings to be turned on in the Payroll Module. This does not mean you have to use this for “payroll” but allows it for departments who want that integration. By turning this option on you will be able to use and get good data from a greater number of Training Reports.

Step 1: Configure the Payroll module to track hours and/or points for Training

  1. Open the Payroll module 
  2. Press Settings 
  3. Check the box labeled “Enable Hourly Payroll for Training”. The box labeled “Enable Points for Training” can be selected for additional tracking options such as CEUs.
  4. Press Update

Step 2: Assign Pay Grades to Personnel

  1. Press “Add Pay Grade”
  2. Enter appropriate Grade Name and Rate. If you are not using this for actual payroll purposes you can skip to step 4 and use the DEFAULT $0.00 paygrade.
  3. Press Save
  4. Press Bulk Update
  5. Check Training
  6. Select the Pay Grade from the Pay Grade dropdown menu
  7. Check each personnel
  8. Press Update

Pay Roll is now configured and personnel are assigned a default Training Pay Grade. This only has to be done once (unless you need to change Pay Grades in the future).

Step 3: Add Personnel to classes to track hours

  1. Open the Training module
  2. Create a class (see the Entering a Training Class from Scratch Knowledge Base series for more help)
  3. Add Personnel
  4. People page now contains fields for hours and points as well as Pay Grades

    • Use the Hours and Points Fill feature to auto-fill the same amount for all personnel

    • Enter Hours and Points manually if amounts are different

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