Adding a New User


This article will explain how to add a new user to your account.


If you have full permission to the Administration Module you can add a new user at any time.

 1. Navigate to the Administration Module.



2. Click on the Personnel List link. 



3. Next click on the "Add Person" link to fill out the Personnel Info tab.



NOTE: Required fields will vary by account set up.

Personnel Status will default to “Full Duty”. Fit for Duty will default to “Full Duty” If the person you are adding is not a combat firefighter (not issued turnouts), you can set them to “Non-Combat”under Fit for Duty.



Once this portion is filled out, be sure to click the "Save" button. If you are adding multiple new users, click the "Save and Add Another User" button and then continue filling out the appropriate number of forms until all new users are entered. Once you save, you will notice five more tabs along the top edge.

4. Next, click the "Security" tab to set up the person's system access levels (permissions).



5. Click on the “Has Access” to grant the access to your agency's account. Enter their login name. Click Change Password to set the user's initial password.





HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: The new user should change their password the first time they log in so that it will be something they can remember. By clicking "Reset Password", the user will be prompted to enter a new password immediately after they log in with the "generic" password you gave them initially. Here's an example of a generic password that's easy to use: Qwe123$%




On the Security tab you can give the new user the appropriate levels of access to modules.

For example: If a user is not expected to enter incident report in the Incident module, you can set him to "No Access". To deny access to any other module, simply select "None". When someone has no access or the module is set to "none", that module button doesn't even appear for them when they're logged in.

NOTE: The module list below you see might be different than the one here in the example depending on the package you have.



Helpful links to related KBAs:

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6. Once you are finished, be sure to click the "Save" button on this page.



Nice work! You've just added a new user to your account. Here's some videos to the get them up to speed.

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