Sample Internal Email for New ERS Users

Assumptions before we continue:

  1. ER Administrator has set up usernames and initial passwords for agency personnel (See "Adding a New User" for help)

  2. ER Administrator has also clicked on the “Reset Password” for each user after setting up his/her account (This will prompt him/her to change his/her password at the initial login). (See "Account Settings" for help)

  3. Agency has assigned local administrators for ER. (See "Adding a New User" for help)

Great! Now that you've done the first three things above, you can download this email template to inform your agency about getting set up with Emergency Reporting. It's in Word document (.docx) format so you can make appropriate edits for your department and then copy/paste it right into an internal email.

A best practice for local administrators on the Emergency Reporting system is to always keep your agency informed and give them the support they need. Sending out an internal email to your agency does just that, and it saves you time from answering many of the same questions.


Hello everyone,

As we begin using Emergency Reporting as our new records management platform, each member of our agency requires a unique login and password to access his/her account.

Here are the steps to get you started using Emergency Reporting for the first time:

  1. Enter the following address in your web browser:

    • This is the landing page for logging into ER

  2. Log in using the following credentials our system administrator has created for you:

    • Username: firstinitial.lastname

    • Password: Qwe123!

  3. You will be immediately prompted to change your password. Please ensure you follow the minimum requirements listed below:

  4. Be sure to keep your password in a secure location such as electronic password keeper or password-protected document.

  5. IMPORTANT NOTE: In the event you forget your password, you must contact one of our local administrators to reset your password listed below:

    • Chief Clark Kent:

    • Chief Bruce Wayne:

    Per Emergency Reporting policy, their Support staff cannot reset passwords. This is to preserve the security of our data by preventing unauthorized access to our system.

  6. Great job! You’re ready to begin using Emergency Reporting. Be sure to check out the following resource to learn more about using the system:



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