How to Fill Out a Permit

This article describes how to fill out a permit for an occupancy. A Permit Form with additional questions to be answered can be optionally included when filling out a permit. To include a Permit Form with the permit, permit observation results and permit forms must be created in the Settings area prior to use.

Step 1: Complete the Permit Info: Status and Dates, Site, Billing, and Point of Contact information.

  1. With the appropriate Occupancy active, click the Permits tab. Click Add New Permit.

  2. The first section you will see is Status and Dates. Choose the appropriate Permit Type from the list.

  3. If there are additional forms to be filled out, select a Permit Form from the list. If you select this, then you will have to fill out the corresponding Permit Form Questions in the next section.
    Note: Permit forms are created in Settings > Permit Forms. See the Knowledge Base Article "Creating a Permit Form" for more help.
  4. Enter the Permit Date manually or click on the calendar icon to choose the date. You also have the option of clicking on Today to have the system enter the current day's date.
  5. Enter the Effective Date/Time manually, choose the date by clicking on the calendar, or choose from the quick links accordingly.
  6. Enter the Expiration Date manually or choose from the quick links accordingly.
  7. The next section is Site Info. The Site Name/Address should already be filled in from the Occupancy you are actively in.

  8. Next fill out Billing Info. This can be manually entered or on the right there is a Fill address with: Occupancy Address, just click the Fill button and the billing info will be auto-populated for you.
  9. Enter any Permit Notes as needed.
  10. Next enter the Point of Contact name and phone number. You can also select an occupancy contact from the drop down list and click the Fill button - the information will be auto-populated for you.
  11. Click Save. Once the Permit is saved, you will be able to add Line Items.
  12. Click Add Line Item. This brings up a popup box where you can choose the line item and quantity you want. Then click Submit.

  13. When you have entered the appropriate Line items, click Next.

Step 2: Fill out the Permit Form Questions.

This page appears if a Permit Form was selected on the Permit Info page. Otherwise, you are taken directly to the Authorize page (Step 4).

  1. Answer the form questions by clicking on an answer. If more observations are available, you can click on drop down arrow to see other available observations.
    Note: The Permit Form on Page 1 cannot be changed once questions have started to be answered.

  2. Clicking on Bulk Complete Unanswered allows you to bulk answer any questions that have not already been answered. Click on the dropdown, select an answer and all unanswered questions in that section will be set to the value you selected.
  3. Click on the Edit icon to add/edit notes and attachments or change the observation result. Files added to a question display as thumbnails in the question list.

  4. Click Next when done answering the all permit form questions.

Step 3: Send Email of Permit to the Contact.

This page allows you to preview the permit with the additional form information, capture the signatures of the Issuer and Contact (if the options were enabled when the form was created), and send an email to the Contact.

  1. Preview the final report by clicking on the report image.
  2. The observations shown on the report can be filtered by clicking on the filter icon in the top right corner. Select the observations that you would like to see on the report and click Done. The color of the icon indicates:
    • Grey = All observations are selected
    • Yellow = Filtered observations
  3. Add the appropriate signatures. Use your mouse to sign electronically, then click Add the Signature of the Issuer when you are satisfied.
    Note: The signatures section only appears if the option was enabled when the form was created.

  4. Then choose the Name and click the Add Signature of the Contact(s) button. More than one contact signature can be captured.

  5. Once a signature has been captured, you can delete the signature by clicking on the Delete icon.
  6. Click Compose and Send Email to send the permit to a contact.
  7. Fill in the email information for the Contact. You can choose from one of the Occupancy contacts or you can manually input the contact information. Note: Clicking on Occupancy Contact will fill in the email address specified on the Occupancy Info page. You can optionally add a CC: to send a copy of the email to someone else.
  8. Fill in the Issuer email address.

  9. Enter a custom message to be included in the email text.

  10. Add an additional file if necessary.

  11. Click on Send Email to send the email to the specified people then click Next to continue on to the Authorize page.

Step 4: Authorize the Permit.

  1. Enter your password to lock the permit.

  2. Click Save. The permit will display on the Permit grid. Note: If the permit is unlocked, any captured signatures will be cleared and will need to be recaptured.
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