Creating New Permit Forms

This article describes how to create a new Permit Form. After their creation, these forms can be included when filling out a Permit for an Occupancy.

Step 1: Navigate to the Settings in the Occupancy Module.

  1. Click on the Settings button.

  2. Click on Permit Forms.

 Step 2: Click on the Add New Form button to add a new form.

  1. In the New Form Name field, type the name of your form.

    Note: It’s helpful to provide a name logical to the type of permit the form will be used for. For example, create a “Hot Work Permit” form for permits related to Hot Work operations.

  2. In the Create From Form field, select what template to base your customized form off of.
    • Blank Form allows you to manually enter the questions that will be part of your form.
    • Selecting a pre-existing locked form provides a base on which to build your new Permit Form.
  3. Click the Add icon. The form is now saved and you will return to the original Form List.

 Step 3: Click on the Edit icon next to the form to customize your form's description, categories, and questions.

  1. Click on the Add/Edit Form Description button to enter a description of the form. Then click the Save icon.

 Step 4: Adding Categories into your Form.

  1. Click on the Add New Category button to begin creating categories for the form. (See previous image)
  2. In the Category field, enter the name of the category (e.g. Exits, Extinguishers, etc.)
  3. In the Sequence # field, enter an integer (e.g. 0, 1, 2, etc.) for the order position you want this category to appear within the form.
  4. Click on the Add icon when you are finished.
    Note: Repeat Step 4 for each new category. If you wish to modify a category, click on the Category title. To delete a category, click on the Category's associated Delete icon.

 Step 5: Add Questions to a category.

  1. Click on the Add Question button to begin adding questions to a category.
  2. In the Question field, enter a question you want to ask.
  3. In the Explanation field, enter a brief explanation of the question above.
    Note: Many departments enter the applicable fire code in this field for easy reference.
  4. In the Sequence # field, enter an integer (e.g. 0, 1, 2, etc.) to mark which order you want this question to appear within the category.
  5. Click the Save icon.
    Note: Repeat Step 5 for each new question you wish to add. To modify a question, click on the Question in the form. To delete a question, click on the Question's associated Delete icon.

 Step 6: Add Signature Options to configure both the handwritten and electronic signatures that will appear on the printed Permit form.

  1. Click on the Add/Edit Signature Options.
  2. Click on the boxes next to each item you wish to appear on the printed Permit form. Once your choices are made, click the Save button.
  3. If you are satisfied with all the form categories and questions, you may lock the form by clicking the Lock This Form button.
    Note: Once the form is locked, it cannot be edited or unlocked again. Only locked forms can be used for Permits.

Great job! After completing Steps 1-6, you have just created a Permit Form.

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