How To Use FirstPCR

You asked, and we delivered. FirstPCR was created as a basic, electronic patient care report "one sheet" for First Responders on EMS calls. Use it to document your response, patient info, the patient care provided, and a short narrative of the incident before transferring to definitive care. It's important to note that this product is not state compliant as a report, it merely serves as a record of incidents.

Here's how to use FirstPCR:


Step 1: Create A New Incident Using FirstPCR

  1. Navigate to the Incidents module and create a new incident.
  2. Fill out Basic Info 1 tab, then select Next.
  3. On the Basic Info 2 tab, select YES for "FirstPCR report(s) are required for this incident." Then click Next and continue filling out the rest of Basic Info 3-5.
  4. After filling out all Basic Info tabs, click the Add New Patient button at the top of the EMS tab.

Step 2: Fill Out Your Response


  1. Select your EMS Vehicle Number.
    NOTE: You must click the EMS Vehicle Number that was dispatched. Selected vehicles turn dark gray. If you want to Add or Edit Incident Apparatus, you can click the link to the right of the EMS Vehicle Number and it will take you back to Basic Info 4 to add/edit an apparatus.
  2. Select Type of Service Requested if it is not already prefilled.
    NOTE: "Standby Purpose" will be grayed out unless Standby is selected as the Type of Service Requested.
  3. Select Primary Role of the Unit and Level of Care provided.

Step 3: Fill Out Patient Info


  1. Fill out the Patient's Name, Gender, Date Of Birth / Age, and Race.
    NOTE: By selecting the Patient's DOB, age will automatically calculate.
  2. Fill out the Patient's Home Address, or click the button Prefill Incident Address if the incident is their home address.

  3. Fill out the Patient's Contact Info by entering a Phone Number or Email Address.
    NOTE: You can edit or delete Contact Info by clicking on the Edit or Delete icons.

Step 4: Fill Out Patient Care


  1. Record the Initial Assessment of the Patient.
  2. Record the Patient's Vitals.
  3. Add a Procedure.
  4. Add any Medications.
  5. After entering this information, you can see a summary of the Patient Care recorded.
    NOTE: These sections autosave for your convenience. You can always edit the initial assessment later to correct any mistakes. 

Step 5: Fill Out The Narrative

This section autosaves as well. 

Step 6: Authorize the Incident.

  1. Review the information entered on the Summary tab and click the Authorize button.
  2. Once all information is correct, click Authorize and enter your password to authorize the PCR.

    NOTE: Authorizing the incident will lock all sections so that they can no longer be edited. You can click the Unauthorize button and enter your password to edit any entered information.

That's it! You've just filled out FirstPCR. Use it in the field when completing EMS calls. 

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