Setting Up Permit Observations

This article describes what Permit Observations are, how to set up them up, and where the Permit Observations are used.

What is it?

Permit Observations are possible answers to Permit Form questions. You can customize these answers to suit what works best for your agency on the form.


Where does this information display in Occupancies?

Permit Observations display on individual permits if that permit has a form associated with it.


Adding an Observation

  1. Click Add New Observation Value at the top of the screen
  2. Enter the Observation value and click Add.
  3. If there are more than two possible observation values, select which options will appear as the 1st and 2nd Quick Pick buttons. The rest of the Observations will display in the drop down list.

Deleting an Observation

  1. Click the Observation’s associated Delete icon.
  2. Click OK to the confirmation message that comes up.
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